Social Media in China. Interview with Lauren Hallanan.

📽 Interview with Lauren Hallanan 🎙



Listen to full interview if you want to know:
✔️ what Lauren was doing in Poland?
✔️ about social media in China,
✔️ what is influencer marketing in China,
✔️ what are social media platforms in China,
✔️ get to know industries that Lauren is supporting in China,
✔️ recommendations from Lauren for any new business want to start social media in China,
✔️ about importance of word-of-mouth in Chinese society,
✔️ does people in China trust influencers?

Lauren lived in China over 8 years. She is focusing on marketing and public relations.

📣 Marketing in China is very different.

📣 Social media platforms used in Western World don’t exist in China (❌ no Facebook, ❌ no LinkedIn, ❌ no Twitter, ❌ no Instagram).

Thank you so much Lauren for our meeting and interview!

Interview done in Warsaw, Poland on 8th April 2019.


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